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LevelNet Consulting is dedicated to helping your company achieve future networking and technology goals. 

Today’s networks must be scalable, stable, secure and reliable yet still deliver an acceptable end-user experience. Ensuring network resources are available and responsive when people need them is the best way to realize these goals. Our core competencies focus on maximizing the performance of your network using proactive concepts and proven analysis techniques.

A sampling of our Consulting Services include:

Voice over IP Telephony Solutions
LevelNet Consulting has partnered with Allworx to offer what we feel is the most flexible, affordable Voice-over-IP solution for today's SMB market. This full-featured solution leverages traditional 'POTS' service as well as T1 and SIP technologies along with advanced features such as 'follow-me' calling, Call Queueing, Call Assistance ('Live Operator'), Conference Center bridging and much, much more.

Hosted Messsaging Services
LevelNet Consulting is proud to offer our MX Highway hosted email. This full-featured email solution comes packed with everything you need to manage your email, shared calendars, contacts and more! With mobile support, webmail and server-to-desktop synchronization, MX Highway provides everything you need for fluid communications. This service is based on the Kerio Mail Server product which fully supports your investment in Microsoft Outlook.

SPAM PreFiltering Service
Our SPAM PreFiltering service acts as a first-line defense in shielding your organization from SPAM. Even if you have a SPAM solution already, this service works to reduce the amount of SPAM received by your organization. You don't even need your own onsite e-mail server! Eliminate up to 90% or more of SPAM and phishing e-mails for only a few dollars per month.

Internet Content Filter
Are you concerned with which Internet sites users are accessing? Do you need to reclaim lost Internet bandwidth due to music streaming? Are you concerned about users downloading files, viruses or illegal music? Our Internet Content Filtering allows you to tailor which sites Internet users in your organization can access. It is fully customizable based on user roles and allows very granular control. Fully automated reports show which sites are the most visited, which are the most frequently blocked, how much time users spend on the Internet as well as how much bandwidth Internet browsing consumes. You can even create you own customized reports. This service leverages the power of the iPrism device by St. Bernard Software.

Remote Data Backup Services
Our Remote Data Backup service targets any person or organization responsible for ensuring data availability. This service leverages the power of the Internet to remotely backup and store your data in our storage facility using a secure, encrypted process. This automated process is secured using Blowfish (448 bit) or DES encryption to guarantee data privacy. Whether you have a few megabytes or a several gigabytes to backup, this cost-effective solution can save you the hassle of managing your backups internally as well as possibly reduce the costs associated with hardware backup solutions; which may become outdated or not meet your storage capactiy. Prices for our Remote Backup service start at only a few dollars per month.  Need more storage space? No problem! We can customize our backup service to accomodate your needs, whatever they may be!

Application Performance Assessment
Are your running applications that are not performing as expected? Is the application vendor implying its the network infrastructure? Does your company develop applications for internal use or resale? Need to know how network events impact application response times? Our Application Performance Assessment service stops the finger pointing. We are an Authorized Independent Market Representative for Compuware Corporation. Using proven analysis tools and techniques we can profile your application and give you the insight you need to maximize its performance regardless of the network topology.

Network Provisioning & Network Modeling
Provisioning network bandwidth optimally results in application response times that meet end-user expectations and reduce help desk calls. By providing 'right-size' metrics without over provisioning, your IT spending budgets are maximized. Network Modeling allows us to take application transaction data from a live network (or from a lab environment) and model the impact to network resources by increasing the number of application users (or tasks per user) in remote sites. Network Modeling is a key component of successful enterprise software rollouts. Consolidating servers to a central location? Want to know if your existing network infrastructure has adequate bandwidth reserves? Network Modeling will provide the insight you need.

Technology Infrastructure Assessment and Planning
Understanding where your company is positioned regarding technology is vital if considering hardware upgrades or network expansion. Is it really necessary to purchase new hardware? A Technology Assessment will provide the information needed to justify network or server upgrades. Should new hardware be required, we can identify what solutions best meet your technology goals and still maximize capital expenditures.

Network Design, Implementation and Systems Administration
Implementing or expanding your network? Which design solutions will help your company reach its technology goals? Our network design solutions encompass the full life-cycle approach of Analyze, Design, Implement Secure and Manage. Maintaining your network and server infrastructure can seem like a never-ending task. System patches, virus updates and daily network ‘fires’ seem to always pop up. Proactive network and server management will reduce the amount of time needed to administer your network and servers. Rather than having a full time resource operate in reactive mode, take a proactive approach to identify and mitigate the issues that arise daily. A few hours a week, one of our consultants can address your network and server administration issues.

Network Systems Administration Outsourcing
Like most technology, computer networks and PC’s are complicated tools, to work at their peak efficiency they need to be maintained. Many companies adopt the "It works now, so why worry about it?" philosophy. For those companies, after the installation, their networked systems are never touched again, until they stop functioning properly. Unfortunately, sometimes that's just too late. Our professional Network and Systems Administrators can provide you with local and remote LAN/WAN support for major operating systems and various hardware architectures. With Systems Administration outsourcing, your company gets the benefit of premium talent, without a premium headache!